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That's the conclusion drawn by researchers at Oxford University after a study with 50 insomniacs. They add that the volunteers who got to sleep fastest were those who imagined a relaxing scene such as a beach, lake, forest or garden. (first reported in New Scientist magazine.)

Tea contains chemicals that kill the bacteria that cause bad breath. Left to lurk in your mouth these bacteria produce gases that smell like rotting cabbage and bad eggs.

48 hours of soaking in tea kills the bacteria. That might not sound like a very practical step for those hoping for a quick gargle and spit, but the good news is, just drinking a cup of tea really slows the bugs down ... to the point that they barely give off a whiff of nastiness. more...


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Green face, long skinny body and skin like a melted marshmallow …

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Image-MagicDots.jpg (16597 bytes)
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Are dolphins as intelligent as humans? How can you test the intelligence of a water-dwelling creature?

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font-colourful2.gif (12555 bytes)
The amazing Frozen Frog!

In winter, the wood frog's total body water may freeze.

Frozen Baby - How did she survive?

She lay face-down in the snow for over two hours. Her heart stopped beating ... and yet she survived.

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Find out your future, before it rings you up!

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mona lisa pic
Will you ever meet an Alien?

And what would you say if you did??

Bad Breath? Have a Cuppa!

Tea - the second most popular drink in the world - is also an effective breath freshener!