She lay face-down in the snow for over two hours. Her heart stopped beating. She was so cold that her mouth had frozen shut ... and yet she survived.

Not only that, but just one day later, her doctors said this miracle baby seems to be acting like a normal toddler. How come?

What happens to the body when it freezes? Can a person be frozen, be thawed... and survive? Can a brain survive being frozen... and when it is frozen, does it stop thinking?

Can a person be frozen?

In fact, according to Dr Simon Young, of the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, although the toddler was exposed to freezing conditions, her body didn't actually freeze. If cells freeze, the water in them expands as it turns to ice... and the cells burst.

In this case, the temperature on the outside was sub-zero, but inside the girl (who was wearing just a nappy) things were a little warmer... her body temperature was a chilling (but not icy) 16 degrees according to doctors.

What happens to the brain?

As for the brain, it also remained above freezing temperature. As the body temperature goes down, the brain cells function more slowly, and they use less oxygen. But as long as the brain is alive, it never stops thinking completely.

Bottom line is, this little girl was very lucky. They found her 'in time' and before she was literally as cold as the ice around her.

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