Performance video
March 2002

1. Titles 1 Mbyte

2. Africa 92 Mbyte

3. The Circus 77 Mbyte

4. Paris 61 Mbyte

5. London 45 Mbyte

6. The Opera 32 Mbyte 14 Mbyte

7. Finale 45 Mbyte 20 Mbyte


"Dreamer Take Care" was produced by Showscript and supported by:

ABC Southern Queensland,
The Toowoomba Chronicle,
The Chronicle Entertainment Weekly,
The Star Newspaper,
4DDB radio


Bill Hillard Mark Phythian
Tayvia Raven Helena McDougall
Lucille's voice Jane Hedger
Lucille's action  Ros Billingsley
M'zay Erin Devey
Undoogoo  Amber Holland-Chalmers
Nar  Elizabeth Dawson
Dee Danielle Quattromani
Wise Bird voice  Peter Swannell
Marie Dupont Carmel Dunn
Henri Dupont  Paul Laurie
Madame Gavotte Jeanette Mengel
Jerome Gavotte Jim Adamik
Ostrich Erin Devey
Sir Archie  Graeme Eastaugh
Lady Jessie Dorothy Baker
Harris Evans  Peter Devey

Cast in the Opera
Princess  Jane Hedger
King John Billingsley
Wizard  William Billingsley
Lucille -giraffe  Ros Billingsley
Ferdondo Dean Beliveau
Conductor  Andrew Lange

Fashion Models
Shaun Devey and Josiah Minto
Kiara Phythian and Anne Marie Schmidt
Erin Devey and Kerry Elger
Amber Holland Chalmers

Producers Ros and John Billingsley
Playwright Ros Billingsley
Composer John Billingsley
Theatrical Consultant Philip Radke
Director Ros Billingsley
Stage Manager Taisoo Kim-Watson
Voice Coach Andrew Lange
Lighting John George
Follow Spot Operator Kehan Ryley
Sound Operator Max Dawson
Prompt Peter Devey
Animal Engineering John Billingsley
Sets and costume Design Ros Billingsley
Assistant Stage Managers

Dean Beliveau
Stuart McCarthy
Kiara Phythian
Wardrobe and Make-up Dorothy Davis
Mary McLean
Sewing Felicity Crosato

Special thanks are owed to so many people including:

Jim Adamik, Emma Harris - sharing their expertise
Keith Watson - help with painting,
Mary Dunn - for making Henri’s coat
USQ for the loan of Bill’s camera
Vocal Edge Singing Studio 0438 696 122 Andrew Lange
Darling Downs School of Excellence in Dance, 46130177- Erin Devey - Tap dance
Jason Cherry - ‘Hair at the Oasis,’ 46130088
Jennie Tomlinson ‘Lanes Interiors’
Busy Bee Copy Centre
Panorama Printing
Ticket Sales:

David and Sandra Endre
Karen Murdoch
Lindy Lutvey, John Burey
Refreshments: Fiona Billingsley, Liz Phythian
Toula and Marina Elliott

All profits went to: