In Search of an Author

 a new play by Ros Billingsley

based on Luigi Pirandello's "Six Characters in Search of an Author"

  Graeme and Andrew  Cast  John as the Director  Ros as Madame

programme coverwas performed at Toowoomba Repertory Theatre
one night Carnival Special, Saturday 20th September, 2003,  8 p.m.

Drama, Humour, Seduction.


Father  - Lucas Hickey
Mother  - Sally Nicholls
Girl    - Christie McCabe
Son     - Mark Phythian
'Director'  - John Billingsley
Lighting Man - Graeme Eastaugh
Lady Beatrice and Madame Pace
      -  Ros Billingsley


Lighting   - Jennifer Haigh
Sound   - Carmel Dunn
Prompt   - Kirstie Nicholls
Stage Manager   - Andrew Nicholls

directed by Rosalind Billingsley

'In Search of an Author' is full of lively spice and yet it tells a heart rending tale of characters from the 1920s whose agonising problems can only be sorted out by a modern day stage director.

The characters appear on stage causing the Director no end of headaches, but leaving his lighting man quite in the dark.

Way back in 1920, in Italy, Pirandello's play caused riots, not so much for the seductive scenes in the play, but for the questions the play evoked as to the reality of theatre itself.

Who is more real, the characters in a play, or the actors who portray them?  A character such as Cinderella has a place in the minds of young and old all over the world.  Do such characters influence us more than teachers, neighbours or friends?

Our Characters in search of an Author were left unfinished and in agony in half light in 1920.  Yet, on Saturday, 20th September, 2003, their wishes will be fulfilled.  Eighty long years of waiting will end as they find their way onto our stage at the Toowoomba Repertory Theatre.

They will find many changes here, including the expectations of a modern audience and director and the morality of today.

How will they fare in this new day and age?