Jack and the Beanstalk

by Rosalind Billingsley

was performed at Toowoomba Repertory Theatre
as a GreenRoom on Saturday, 19th June 2004

On Saturday, 17th July at 7 p.m. it was performed in Dalby
as an entry in the Dalby Drama Festival competition
winning a 'best young actor' award for Andrew Nicholls.

This has all the ingredients of traditional British pantomime with laughs for all ages.
But you will never have seen a 'Jack' such as this, with a spaceship,
a magic carpet and a garrulous cow.

Don't miss it!


Cast and Crew:

Jack – Andrew Nicholls
Jack’s Mum –Taryn Johns
Patchwork the cow – David McGlasson
Alc, the Alchemist – Peter Lavryssen
Giant’s Mum – Nic Lavryssen
The Giant – Graeme Eastaugh
Betty and also The Hen – Amy Wright
Belinda, Jack’s friend –
                          Danielle Thompson
Air Steward and a Village Girl -
                           Kirstie Nicholls.

Light and Sound – John Billingsley
Prompt – Leah Vaz
Stage Manager – Sally Nicholls
Backstage - David Nicholls and
                           Amy-Jane Evans.

Thanks to David Nicholls for the brilliant spaceship.

Thanks to Mark Phythian and John Sweeny for help with setting up.