Felicity Mobile Rosie Brown

A prize-winning play by Rosalind Billingsley

This play won a special adjudicator's script award from Ms Carol Burns, well known for her long-running part in the television series Neighbours.

Written in 2008 while we on tour in California, it was performed at short notice in festivals at Dalby, Ipswich, Beenleigh and Brisbane. Because of the shortage of rehearsal time, the parts were played by ourselves, Ros and John, as a two-hander, with Ros making two quick changes. 

The adjudicator said that she would love to see it performed by a more polished cast.

The original version is linked here, but the script has been revised for a cast of three.  A telephone conversation has been removed that was only necessary to give time for the quick change.

Henry had an excellent excuse to have his nose stuck in the computer for much of the play.  Having the words of the script on the screen had a double purpose.  The computer also held the sound files to play the sound effects through a speaker concealed in the central table, cued by Henry.